Diapers for Dogs

The main reason for wearing diapers is urinary and faecal incontinence characterized by the deposition of waste in inappropriate places such as the floors of the house or cushions and other textiles and this, despite the desire of the dog to stay clean and to obey the principles of education inculcated to him.

Incontinence can be caused by:

  • Diseases (cystitis, lumbar problems, etc.)
  • Behavioral disorder (stress, anxiety, excitement)
  • Aging
  • Loss of motor skills (following an accident or illness)

It is also very common in bitches and sterilized dogs.

The layers can also be worn during the heat. Indeed, during these periods, bitches tend to leave bloody losses behind them, which is very inconvenient for homeowners when they want to make them disappear.

Dog diapers are particularly useful for dogs and masters who can share their living space with their companion more serenely. In addition, their small size is particularly suitable for short or long-term trips.

Depending on your pet’s temperament and lifestyle, it’s up to you to choose the one that suits best for your pet.

In order to choose the right model that corresponds to your dog, you must take into account of several criteria:

  • Gender of your pet: males and females have a different pelvis.
  • Manufacturers have developed models corresponding to each morphology for better comfort and better support.
  • Size of your pet: in order to choose the correct size, you have to measure the lap of your pet’s belly and then refer to the indications on the packaging of the chosen model.

Are dog diapers effective for older dogs? Yes, Incontinence is very common in older dogs. You can see the evidence in puddles of urine and wet spots in his niche every morning.


  • Opt for a washable and reusable model, it’s more eco-friendly.
  • The material matters, think of the comfort of your dog. Opt for cotton.
  • Do not be stingy, the first price layers are of poor quality and not comfortable for a dog. Put a few extra euros to make him feel good, even with a diaper.

To ensure optimal hygiene of your dog and prevent the risk of fungal infections due to too much moisture, be sure to change its protections very regularly and to wash and dry it well. Diapers for dogs is a very useful especially when you are on a vacation.

What To Bring When You Go On Vacation

Now that we start planning our summer vacation, we always find ourselves in doubt of what to pack in the suitcase? It is clear that many factors influence if we go to a place with a warm climate and beach or a colder temperature and mountain, if we travel abroad, the days that we will be traveling if we have to take different means of transport … but it is best to always keep in mind a series of basic elements that should never be missing in the suitcase and remember, when you prepare your luggage never start to put clothes with the dreaded word, just in case!

Because you will fill your suitcase with unnecessary things.

We know that making the suitcase is not an easy task and sometimes it is desperate, since we leave everything for the last moment and we constantly doubt that include or not, but above all, you have to be orderly, distribute perfectly your clothes and various accessories that you go to carry and think very well beforehand what you will use and what not, without carrying XXL briefcases or excess baggage.

The most useful? … bet on versatile garments! Which you can wear both day and night and are easily combinable.

Where will you be going?

What you bring will depend greatly on where you will be going. If you are going camping then bring read some tactical gear guides on what to bring.

If you are going to a tropical beach resort then you will need some stuff better suited for that.

What Should You Do With Kitchen Waste?

At present most of the households implement the separation of wastes, however, in many cases, a solution to the problem generated by food and other wastes is not found.

Food leftovers can be used to create organic fertilizer, which will help improve the garden and take advantage of waste in an easy, practical and beneficial.

What Do You Need:

For the preparation of fertilizer, you will need few implements to start mixing.
-White cotton fabrics
-Fruits and vegetables

How to prepare:

It can be done in two ways:

In a container or in a space in the garden make a hole in the ground of at least 50 centimeters to prepare the mixture. In the background, you must place the grass remains, on top of the organic waste and to finish cover with a little soil.

Twice a week you can add a little more of the earth, in addition, you must keep covered the hole or container with cotton cloths, occasionally incorporate some earthworms to help oxygenate the earth.

Practical Tips:

If the weather is very hot it is advisable to water the fertilizer with water, since the humidity is indispensable for the material to decompose and can be formed.

In the preparation combine thick layers of one and another material, interspersing with a little black soil. Be careful not to crush the contents of the container.

Use a garbage disposal (http://www.bestgarbagedisposalreviews.net) to grind the kitchen waste into a pulp. This will make it easier to compost.