Dating Rules

While there have been men and women, there have been appointments and dating rules. To be the cunning hunters they are, men have built a storehouse of knowledge and cunning for millennia with respect to hunting the young ladies successfully in the first weeks of a courtship.

There is much fish in the sea, and there are many procedures that you can use to get them out. And although many women may be aware of some of our strategies, they surely do not know them all.

Let’s keep it that way, gentlemen. Keep these eternal secrets about dating under the hat and enjoy the learning process.

Laugh at your jokes with restraint:

You are not at a dinner with the ambassador of England; There is a field of humor and laughter that can easily become laughter. We do not talk about an obsolete approval in which you have to like everything that comes out of your mouth.

However, for a relationship to work, it is imperative that a good sense of humor is involved. In fact, this is one of the main characteristics by which women notice a man; and, to complement them, they love to feel sure of what they say and that we reaffirm our taste with a non-feigned smile.

Do not overdo it with alcohol:

For a first date, it is not always good that the drinks are the protagonists of the evening or company evening. Alcohol disinhibits and shows a hidden or lagging side of our personality.

It is not faithful proof of what you are or what the other person really is. And if we want to be distrustful, we must be cautious about passing on wines if we are with someone we barely know.

Be yourself without losing femininity:

You are trying to conquer a man who catches your attention, not sitting down to eat with your lifelong friend, the one who knows you even the most hidden smells and the masculine part that sometimes surfaces deep within you.

It is good that you are genuine and honest about what you are, what you like, what you want and how you project yourself but do not lose the feminine charm that attracts men like a honeycomb. Are not you one who cares a lot about your personal appearance?

Arrange without exaggeration and without losing your personal style, but take advantage of your potential as a woman and highlight what makes you special.

Be delicate without ceasing to be yourself and flirt as you see fit, but do it!

Do not boast or try to impress:

Are you going to applause or for a fun evening? We know that you are the best woman in the world, and he will have to find out on his own and little by little, but exceeding with self-compliments is nothing more than a scare-grooms narcissism.

Be discreet:

The more questions leave for when you have the absolute right to make claims or investigate malicious suspicions. For the rest, you’re not a private detective: you’re having fun with someone you like.

Heavy jokes, comments in bad taste, making fun of what he says or how he dresses, asking him very personal things like how much he earns, why he ended up with his former girlfriend, how many times he gets sad every day, it will make you look like a college chimney, not as a companion to have a nice time.

Farewell kiss … on the cheek:

We already talked about the halo of mystery that must surround that first encounter with someone who is barely knowing you. Do not give him the whole farm: let him ride on the horse and send him home.

A touch of hands (only if you feel comfortable) a prolonged hug, flirtatious looks and a formal kiss that does not reach the lips, will make you think you have to work to earn your love and confidence.