What Should You Do With Kitchen Waste?

At present most of the households implement the separation of wastes, however, in many cases, a solution to the problem generated by food and other wastes is not found.

Food leftovers can be used to create organic fertilizer, which will help improve the garden and take advantage of waste in an easy, practical and beneficial.

What Do You Need:

For the preparation of fertilizer, you will need few implements to start mixing.
-White cotton fabrics
-Fruits and vegetables

How to prepare:

It can be done in two ways:

In a container or in a space in the garden make a hole in the ground of at least 50 centimeters to prepare the mixture. In the background, you must place the grass remains, on top of the organic waste and to finish cover with a little soil.

Twice a week you can add a little more of the earth, in addition, you must keep covered the hole or container with cotton cloths, occasionally incorporate some earthworms to help oxygenate the earth.

Practical Tips:

If the weather is very hot it is advisable to water the fertilizer with water, since the humidity is indispensable for the material to decompose and can be formed.

In the preparation combine thick layers of one and another material, interspersing with a little black soil. Be careful not to crush the contents of the container.

Use a garbage disposal to grind the kitchen waste into a pulp. This will make it easier to compost.